Admission Policies
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Admission Policies

Admission Policies

In order to provide a safe, secure, and pleasant environment, we ask for your cooperation by complying with these Admission Policies at all times.

The Lodi Grape Festival security office is located in the Northwest corner of the fairgrounds next to the maintenance shop. The Lodi Police Department headquarters is located in Burgundy Hall. The lost and found, lost children and first aid is located in the Barrel Room in the kiddie carnival.

Possession of any article defined as a weapon will not be allowed. NO KNIVES OF ANY SIZE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Entry will be denied to those wearing attire affiliated with, promoting, or sympathizing with a criminal gang, including but not limited to patches, colors, and words that could create a public safety risk.

Standing or walking in large groups that block the movement of Festival patrons or cause inconvenience to others will not be allowed.

Use of unduly loud, obscene or threatening language or gestures or other unreasonably noisy behavior will not be allowed.

Pets are not allowed.

No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, mopeds, Etc. are allowed.

No glass bottles, cans or alcoholic beverages may be brought in or out of the Festival grounds.

No coolers or ice chests may be brought into the Festival grounds.

No re-entry.

All persons entering the Lodi Grape Festival fairgrounds agree that they are subject to a protective screening and/or search. Violation of these Admission Policies will constitute cause for removal of the violator from the grounds.

We appreciate your cooperation. Have a great time at the Fair.

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